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There are no such things as unwanted vehicles. Even if you do not want the car rusting in your driveway or even leaking oil in your garage, we want it. In fact, we want your car bad enough to pick it up and tow it away free of charge. Even better, we’ll leave behind a little money when we depart with your “unwanted car”.

We’re honest with potential customers because it keeps things simple and lucrative. There is no such thing as an unwanted car because every car is at least worth its weight in recycled metal. Most cars are worth about $200 to a scrap metal seller, it costs us about $100 to tow and store a car before disposal, and we spend about $50 per car marketing online and answering the phones.

This means that whenever we pay $50 for an unwanted vehicle, we’re looking to break even. We change unwanted cars into revenue for our organization. A limited number of junk cars are worth renovating and selling to used car dealers and used parts dealers.

If your unwanted car is extremely heavy, perhaps we can provide a bit more cash. If it’s in decent form and you just don’t want to pay for repairs, we will be in a position to offer more. Either way, your unwanted car can place cash in your pocket if you take the time to make contact with us.

We offer the most cash for trucks feasible. Some of our clients are those who have a pressing financial issue, some tend to be businesses wanting to get rid of a fleet of old trucks, and some are just seeking to sell an old truck that they no longer need. No matter what the actual circumstance, all of us treat all of our clients with respect, all of us tow away for free with no hidden fees, and we happen to be successful simply because we offer the most cash for old trucks.

Our customers who are company owners looking to get rid of aged trucks have unique needs. They are usually much more concerned with fees and depreciation, and the ability to leverage aged vehicles to purchase a new truck or fleet. Our private individuals who would like cash for their trucks are often tired of renovating a trusted old truck and/or in need of fast cash.

Whether or not we’re dealing with individuals or even businesses, all of us pay money for trucks, and work as quickly as you possibly can, we not have hidden costs, and we focus on our customers’ schedules. We show up on time, we tow away trucks of all dimensions for free, and we pay much more cash for trucks compared to anyone. Give us a chance to prove it.

When my wife got laid off with a baby on the way, I needed fast cash for my vehicle. We knew that she’s going to be a stay at home mom for a few months, we had medical bills and rent, and we figured that we had an extra vehicle now.

The first thing I did was hit Google and enter cash for my vehicle. The number of returns was in the millions, and so i added our home town to car cash to limit the results. I ended up with a handful of businesses that were offering payday for my junk car.

I completed several online forms describing the make, model, mileage, and condition of my car. I got four phone calls back, 2 within a couple of hours, and two within a few days. These people asked a few fundamental questions, and then made a cash offer for my car.

I called several other businesses offering money for my car, and also got very mixed results. Some were rude, others merely offered totally free tow away service, and one asked for thirty minutes to see how they could make the biggest cash offer, and called back using the best money offer I got.

My most sage advice is to use the web to search for “cash for my car” in your hometown and state. Second, use the web car buyers who come with an online form, as they seem to be the most expert and sophisticated. Finally, shop your car around to get the best money offer, along with free towing included.

Scrapping your junk car was previously a simple thing. You could either pay a towing company to get your junk car out of the driveway, or try out one of those guys that provide cash for junk cars on night time TV advertisements. We’ve come a long way since we simply flipped open the Phone book and looked for someone to help scrap our old cars.

These days, from non profit organizations that offer the tax deduction for junk vehicle donations, to scrap steel dealers marketing heavily online, to Green car recyclers who promise the lowest environmental footprint, vehicle scrapping has taken on a much more diverse definition.

Selecting a business to scrap your old junk car is a matter of personal preference and needs. First and foremost, you shouldn’t pay for vehicle scrapping services. At least, you can save one hundred or $200 on next years Government taxes if you donate this to a authorized 5013c charity. Make sure they offer free removal and the right paperwork, and you can usually save some cash later.

If you want cash now for scrapping your car, don’t hesitate to get at least three offers. Lastly, make sure that they offer free towing with no hidden fees. The rule of thumb is the fact that even a medium sized car without any reusable parts is worth $200 in scrap steel. If it costs $75 to tow it, $25 in marketing expenses, and also you and the business split the rest, you should get a minimum of $50 for scrapping your car.

If you have an old car that you need to get rid of, the decision about what type of auto salvage business or charity to approach depends on what your objectives are.

Many people are looking to get the most money possible for their old car. In that case, we are among the largest auto salvage companies in the country and therefore, can get you the most for your car. Just call one of our buyers and get a quick price right on the telephone. We’re confident that we are able to offer the most cash feasible for your junk car compared to anyone else in the business.

If you’re thinking about contributing to a charity or ensuring that your junk car is disposed of in an eco-friendly way, you need to look no further than Junk Car Price. If you wish to donate your car, you can. The vast majority of your junk car contributions generate cash for the charity.

If you are most concerned with environmentally friendly impact that your salvage car makes, you have to be wary. While many auto salvage businesses call themselves auto recyclers, the truth is that there are not many truly eco focused organizations. The trend is new, focused on both coasts, plus some even charge for the removal of junk vehicles. Ask how the fluids within the car are dealt with, ask what happens to the chemical toxins in your car, and ask what percentage of your car will in reality be reused vs. end up in a landfill.

The auto salvage business is a multi-billion dollar industry and includes numerous sub-categories.

- Used auto parts suppliers tend to be auto salvage companies that buy old cars and remove all of the spares for resale.